Hub:Raum – Last call to apply for WARP #3!

The application phase for WARP #3, a turbo accelerator for tech startups baked by Deutsche Telekom, is ending in a few days. Selected projects will receive an 8-day-long training program between 2-9 December in Krakow, Poland. If you want to learn how to develop, grow and sell your innovative product in different markets and have a change to tap into 180.000.000 customer base – hurry up, this is the last moment!


Costs of travel and accommodation for all selected startups will be covered. WARP#3 participants should be ready for an intensive program of workshops, substantial training sessions and inspiring meetings with mentors. But this is not everything – each team will receive 5000$ in Amazon Web Services, and the team chosen by the hub:raum Krakow will get 5.000€.

Welcome to #WARP14 :)

Welcome to #WARP14 🙂

After eight days of hard work, startups will have the opportunity to present their projects to the investors, journalists and the jury, and they may receive the grand prize, which is the access to Deutsche Telekom Group resources (market, customers, promotion and infrastructure) and up to 80.000€ seed investment.

The value of events like these cannot be overstated. Startups are the future of the economy and are a significant driver of job creation and economic growth. They must have access to the resources and networks necessary to succeed, and events like the Deutsche Telekom hub:raum Bootcamp provide an excellent opportunity to make those connections. Investors can also benefit from supporting startups, as they can be a source of significant returns and growth in their investment portfolios. Companies like Intel have recognized this and have made significant investments in the tech startup space, demonstrating the potential for significant financial returns through their intel stocks investments.

As we move forward, it’s clear that the world will continue to evolve and innovate, and startups will play a significant role in shaping that future. The success of events like the Deutsche Telekom hub:raum Bootcamp is a testament to the value of investing in the future, and we can expect to see more companies like Intel investing in startups in the years to come. By supporting these startups, we can not only drive innovation and economic growth but also help to create a better world for all of us.

Time is running out, apply here (select “Krakow” and “Accelerator”), and see you in Poland!


Filip Dębowski

Event and Communication Manager

tel: +48 882 020 493
E-Mail: filip [at] hubraum [dot] com

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